Arthur Muller connects buyers to find watches for sale across the world. Our listings come from
selected professional dealers. In this way, we are providing professional dealers as well as private
sellers in a global marketplace.

You can register as a company seller by sending us the documentation that proves your status as an
authorized distributor or reseller.You can also put on sale private persons after registering your
personal documentation that proves your identity.

The purchase process is made through a security deposit with what your money is at our disposal
until you authorize the payment, only at that time the payment is released. You have 15 days to
change your mind

Normally the international warranty on a new product is 2 years. In other things these guarantees
extend up to 5 years.

Arthur Muller takes care of the interests of everyone involved in each transaction if there is a
problem during the sale or later you have the guarantee of our company’s support..

You will know if the watch you are looking for is available in stock for purchase or if there is a
waiting time.

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