How to recognize a fake Rolex 7 tips

How to recognize a fake Rolex

This article is especially aimed at the buyer who purchases his first Rolex. In recent years, replicas have become more and more precise, in fact it is scary to think how close they can become. Our objective with this report is that you distinguish an authentic Rolex from a fake one, although we always advise if in doubt to go to a local official service. These are the 7 most important benchmarks to consider to avoid paying thousands of pounds for a fake watch.

1: Finishing the brushed parts
The brushing of a Rolex diver is really good and when you look at the fake you might think they tried to emulate that. But despite trying to create the same quality in both cases, the differences in the finish are appreciated! The polished sides of the case are well done and the links on the bracelet look good too. But the main indicator here is undoubtedly the brushing of the closure. It can be seen that a machine probably introduced the brush into the clasp through those thin, straight lines. Compared to the closure of a real Sub, the difference here is definitely visible even without using a magnifying glass.

2: the crown on the clasp
When looking at the fake submarine, you can detect a small gap between the crown and the clasp. You have to use a small magnifying glass to spot the difference, this is a good way to distinguish these two – if you notice any signs of soldering on your secondary closure, this connector is probably not authentic!

3: How the glidelock works
The Glidelock of the authentic watch glides smoothly up and down and is easily adjustable. But when you compare the glidelock with the fake, the difference is immediately seen! Swiping the bracelet up and down feels too squeaky, it looks like it’s going to screw up the slide lock when you do it! This rough slip is definitely a clue



4:clock hands
In the authentic watch, the hour markers, equipped with superluminova, are placed on the dial in a bright white color, framed by a thin border. Although the hour markers on the fake submarine are equally white and glow the same blue color when it gets dark, the rim is much thicker and coarser, you can see noticeable imperfections in the finish with a small magnifying glass, even a few small drops on the Manufacture of the markers reveal that we are in front of a fake Rolex. When comparing both watches you can appreciate these small details.

5: Rehaut engraving
On the authentic watch, the letters on the ring are perfectly aligned with the minute and hour markers on the dial. When you compare it on the fake watch, you can see that they definitely tried to put the letters in the right place, but they didn’t have 100% success in every letter. The letters L or an R shift slightly.

6: Date imprint
On a real Sub, the date is displayed on a crisp, white disk, with sharp black numbers printed on it. But when checking the dates on the fake submarine, the black color is not that opaque and little specks of black paint can be clearly seen around the numbers. Although they did a great job with the cyclops lens and the proportions, the print is definitely off and is a good sign to spot a fake submarine!

7: The caliber
Caliber 3135 is known for its precision and robustness, and winding the watch and setting the date feels smooth and precise. But screwing the crown onto the fake sub feels like sand is creaking inside the cogwheels of movement! When it gets to the point where the crown pops out and locks in position to set the date, it doesn’t do so with the small, slight ‘click’ you’d expect but rather abruptly.
Also if you look inside the 3135 movement it should have the genuine Rolex Balance bridge with Parachrom Blue Hairspring.


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