The Trust

We base our company and our website on a market where professional sellers or local companies sell their watches. The confidence we have is due to the courage to select and verify that they comply with the highest values ​​in the purchase and sale of watches and their after-sales service. We only accept to add in our inventory those watches that come from authorized distributors.

Thanks to this guarantee of trust, we can offer Arthur Muller’s client additional value because, in addition, it is us and with our assets that back all the transactions carried out on our site. If one of our registered vendors or companies fails in terms of service or warranty, you have the promise that the company will be removed from our site. Only with the greatest commitment do you get the best results.

Your investment is safe with us, whether it’s a replacement for your favorite watch or the purchase of a valuable watch.

In addition, you can directly buy any model and brand from our wristwatch collection. We will examine it in our facilities where our team of artisans and master watchmakers has more than 20 years of experience. We will verify each piece guaranteeing its origin and authenticity. In this way, we take another step in quality and trust.

Shipping is made from our offices around the world and the guarantee is 5 years in all of them.

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